Create Alipay and Link to Your 1688 To make Payment Yourself Without The Help Of An Agent

Are you into mini importation business or you would like to join a few of the People who are already making millions of Naira from the business or you will like to know about it?

Then you need to read this.

I have been importing goods from China in order to sell it in Nigeria for about four years now and that is my major means of income through which I take care of my family.

There is a problem I have always been finding an answer to, and the problem has to do with importing myself without the help of an agent in China.

I want to be able to import myself without the help of any Agent.

To overcome this, I have joined various importation class, yet no solutions.

The major value all the so-called Importation gurus sell to you is just the contact of their trusted agent in China.

Seriously, I want more than this, I want to be able to do it without any agent's help.

My agent and I, Back in the Days

Above is the selfie I took with my Agent a few years back when she came to Nigeria.

But that is not enough, I want more than the trusted agent, I want to do it myself without having to travel to china.

I hate being at the mercy of someone in order to make a living for myself and this made me to be desperate about finding a way out of it, but no way out and nobody is ready to help because they don’t know more than doing it through the help of an agent also.

Just early this year alone, I imported goods worth One Million Naira through my agent in China with “Abeg” because almost everybody who does the business uses one agent or the other to import as well, and because a lot of people use the same agent that I use also due to their efficiency, sometimes they might not attend to you for Days.

Less I forget to tell you, “Abeg” is not their commission fee ooh, their commission fee is 5% of your total order.

Now, let us calculate how much it is from just only my February Order of One Million Naira.

5% of 1,000,000 = 50,000.

50k for just one order…….

Imagine how much I would have paid in commission for about four years I have started the importation business.

Seriously I would lose count if I should start doing that now.

Also, I know some agent charge you per link and some have fixed charges irrespective of how much you want to buy depending on the number of the links.

If you have been importing before like me, you will agree with me that sometimes the money is not the problem, the major problem most time is to always be at the Mercy of the buying agent.

Irrespective of how much you pay, they will always tell you that they are busy, and it is not their fault, a lot of people use their service also to purchase and import.

It is always very difficult also to have an emergency order because buying agent might not even have your time for like 2 days because of other buyers that might be on the queue before you.

Also, Another major problem is the privacy of your Precious link that you used a sleepless night to search and get.

When the buying agent discover that it is a link to trending and hot selling goods, sometimes they try to import the goods and become your competitors to the product or they give out the link to their loyalist.

Precisely all of these issues are what I have experienced in my journey of importation business until a friend of mine helped me out.

Who is that My friend I'm talking about??

She is just a smart lady who was in the same ordeal as I was and She was able to find a lasting solution to it.

Trust the power of women….

She taught me the secrets of importing and buying by myself from 1688, AliExpress and Alibaba without the help of an agent.

The major solution to this is just to be able to....

  • Have Alipay account,
  • Fund the Alipay account with Rmb and then
  • Attached the Alipay account to your 1688 or Taobao.

Then, You can import by yourself without the help of an agent.

She taught me this and I was able to do it myself


Above is the Recent transaction on my Alipay Accounts

And she also promised me that she won’t be selfish and keep this great and life-changing discovery to herself.

She told me to bring some of my friends who are experiencing the same problem to help them solve it at a token..... Ask me how much?

Far less than how much you will pay one agent per order.

If you look at the worth of just been able to order by yourself from China without the help of buying agent, you will agree with me that it shouldn’t be priced less than 100k.


1. Because you are no more at the mercy of anybody again before you import at any time, any day. You can easily just slide into your, cart and then make the payment instantly by yourself from the comfort of your home.

2. The Precious link that you do sleepless night to search and get is safe with you only and nobody can share it with anyone without your permission and therefore reduce competition for your product.

3. There is no more issue of “help me to buy black color and the agent mistakenly buy red color”. This has happened to me a lot and it cost me a fortune.

Honestly, I still have a product worth more than 400k at home that I'm using prayer to push away because the agent mistakenly orders different color from what I demanded and it is even in a large quantity.

Even if someone asked me to pay 200k for this alone to save myself of that embarrassment and money wastage, I would have done that without thinking twice.

4. Also, You can easily buy RMB yourself and even resell at a higher price. Because after the training, you would be able to open and operate your Alipay Accts yourself, keep money into it and use it to pay or transfer to anybody at any time.

5. You will be able to link your Alipay to your 1688 and Taobao to make the payment on the site by yourself.

6. You too can become a buying agent and RMB reseller and still make a lot of money from that alone.

7. You will get more than one shipping company address with a very relatively cheaper shipping price.

8. You will be able to link more than one shipping Address to your Alipay and decide which one to use at any time.  

But guess what….

The price is not 100k, not even close to it at all…...

The price is not even 50k…

Yea, it is not 20k according to her, because left to me, the value is worth more than that.

So, in my mind, I thought 10k is cool to spare by anyone who really means business But she told me, she doesn’t want money to be a hindrance for anyone who wants to go into the business or already in the business but needs perfection.

I was like, Whaoooooo…... This is more like a freebie.

She said the Price is just 5K. Yea, She means 5000 Naira

Yea, it is 5k for real according to her.

Immediately Payment is made, She will move you to the WhatsApp group Where she will Tutor and mentor you for three days. 

It is an online Class back up with Video and Audio recording for easy assimilation and Future reference in case you forget 

I Hope You are convinced enough, Click the link Below and Join the group to Make Payment.  

Wondered Why the Price is so Cheap.......

The Person Anchoring the Training is a Lady with a tender Heart.

She wants as many people as possible who sees this page to be part of this once in a lifetime and life-changing opportunity.

Are you kidding me, for all these………?

And Guess what, you are not going to learn only about China importation……

She is a guru when it comes to importation from Turkey, Vietnam

so she will still also teach on how to….

  • Import from Turkey
  • Import from Vietnam
  • Import from the USA
  • Import from Malaysia

And that is not all..............

You will also enjoy Bonuses like…...   

  • How to market via WhatsApp,
  • Facebook and
  • Instagram with a powerful result
  • Give you List of hot products that sells like crazy in Nigeria and how to research hot products that will sell in a week.
  • How to partner with a giant e-commerce company in Nigeria (Konga, Jumia, Jiji, etc.) 

The training is money Back guaranteed

She is so sure to deliver more than the value promised that is why she is making the Training 30 Days Money back Guaranteed.

Yea that is it, if, after the training, You didn't get the Value promised based on your expectation. You are free to ask for your money back and surely, you will be refunded instantly

Bear in Mind that the window of this Opportunity Closes within 24hrs. Because a lot of people have already shown interest in the Training and we can't take more than the normal proposed number. 

If you can take action Now and you are privilege to Spare Just 5K,

Exactly the Prize of Pizza for this once in a lifetime opportunity, Click the link below to join the WhatsApp group in order to make payment and then you will be readded to the Training group properly

I Also Have a personal bonus for whoever makes it to the group and Pay within 24hours.

My Bonus;

  • Importance and Uses of PayPal to Make Payment
  • How to create a PayPal Account that can send and receive money in Nigeria without changing your IP.
  • I will also teach you how to link it to your Facebook Ad account.

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